Our values ​​and culture

We do our work in accordance with the institutional principles, with transparency and rectitude, defending the principles and values ​​of the institution, accepting the diversity of opinions, attending to the obligations and commitments acquired with the institution.

Organizational values

Coherence. Practice what is preached, acting in the performance and in the institutional representation in accordance with organizational principles.

Integrity. Work in the development of their functions with transparency and rectitude.

Loyalty. Defend and act accordingly with organizational principles and values.

Respect. Accept the diversity of opinions, establishing how far the possibilities of action go and where those of others begin.

Responsibility. Address the obligations and commitments acquired with the institution in a timely and effective manner.


Quality politics

Generate knowledge and technological innovation through research, technology transfer and the provision of specialized services, through knowledge management, competitive intelligence, the development of human talent and the improvement of processes to deliver solutions that add value to the Agroindustrial sector of the sugar cane of Colombia. 


Quality objectives

  • Meeting the needs of our customers
  • Continuously improve the provision of services with quality and opportunity to our customers


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