Variety catalog

In this Catalog the authors describe the distinctive characteristics of the most outstanding sugarcane varieties for their adaptation and productivity in the Cauca River Valley, Colombia, from the 1980s to date. During this time, the sugar agribusiness diversified its markets, so that currently its main products are sugars and honeys, anhydrous ethanol and electrical energy.

It also evolved in the cultivation of sugarcane, progressively changing from a generalized and homogeneous agronomic management approach at all sites to a cultivation approach that is based on the practice of site-specific agriculture, AEPS.

Cenicaña has fostered the development and adoption of AEPS® in the Cauca river valley, adapting new methodologies in its genetic improvement processes and in agronomic research for the cultivation of sugar cane.

Ten and eight Cenicaña Colombia (CC) varieties, evaluated with the focus of site-specific agriculture in the main agro-ecological zones dedicated to cultivation in the Cauca River Valley, are the raison d'être of this Catalog. To these are added another thirty-six, most presented in previous years, for a total of fifty-four varieties described in this edition.

Álvaro Amaya Estevez
CEO, Cenicaña

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