Available varieties

for the establishment of healthy seedbeds, free of pathogens, through two variety multiplication systems: the conventional system and the system of plants from individual buds.

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This solution allows:

Quickly have healthy seeds of sugar cane varieties.

List of cane varieties available for immediate delivery*

VarietyBy plant system
coming from individual buds
(# of plants available)
By conventional system
(# of seed packs available)
DC 05-23100
DC 09-53500
DC 05-43000
DC 09-23500
DC 09-066300000
DC 04-19540000
DC 01-67830000
DC 05-23040000
DC 14-180340000
DC 11-0132100000
DC 11-60600
DC 11-60050000
DC 11-595500000
DC 12-2120800000
DC 05-94800
DC 13-225020000
DC 14-3358130000
DC 14-329600
DC 00-325700
DC 93-751000
DC 93-771100

En Orange, varieties for semi-dry areas. In BLUE, varieties for humid areas. In Black, varieties for piedmont areas.

Note: To request the service of multiplying any other variety, you must take into account the delivery times listed in the “Aspects to take into account” section in the solution: multiplication and propagation of varieties.

* Last update date: Apr 3, 2024

Service of multiplication and propagation of varieties

Below is the service:

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Available varieties
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