Clauses of confidentiality, responsibility and dissemination of information

Clauses applicable to the users of this website.

Confidentiality clause

The user database of this website is managed by Cenicaña with the principles of confidentiality and security. Users can trust that the personal and business information provided in the Registration Sheet will only be used by Cenicaña to improve the services of the website and in no case be disclosed or disclosed to any person or organization.

Liability clause

The information presented on this website is for informational purposes only and is offered to users for personal and business use, without commercial purposes. The user is responsible for the use of their access code to the website services.

Information dissemination clause

Access to Cenicaña databases through this website is an exclusive service for Cenicaña donors and organizations. The institution uses different technologies to protect the information it maintains in its systems in order to avoid unauthorized access. It asks users to refrain from delivering private information to third parties; It also asks you to cite the source in case you use the information for your own analysis.