The standardization of foreign matter determination methodologies in manufacturing processes advances

Representatives of different entities of the Colombian sugarcane agribusiness work together to standardize methodologies for determining foreign matter in factories.

On October 19, 2021, a practical session was held in Cenicaña with the participation of the Risaralda, Riopaila-Castilla, Incauca, Manuelita, La Cabaña, Pichichí, Sancarlos, Carmelita, Providencia and Mayagüez mills, and a multidisciplinary team from the Centro de Investigation of the Sugar Cane of Colombia, Cenicaña, in order to advance in the standardization plan of components evaluated in the analysis of foreign matter in manufacturing processes.

During the activity, representatives of the quality areas, laboratories and foreign matter analysts from sugar mills participated; and on the part of Cenicaña, representatives of the Varieties, Agronomy and Manufacturing Processes programs, the CATE Project (Cut, Elk, Transport and Factory Delivery), and the Economic and Statistical Analysis Service.

Standardizing these methodologies represents important benefits within the sugarcane agribusiness, among which are the development of new knowledge, generation of new personnel skills, increase in the quality and reliability of the data generated for management and decision-making.


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