SIC grants patent of invention to the sugarcane agroindustry

Mechanism for cutting manually harvested sugar cane, adaptable to the arm of the cane gatherer.

Cenicaña, together with the region's sugar mills, designed a mechanism that could improve the efficiency of transporting manually harvested cane.

In order to improve the efficiency of the sugarcane agro-industry transport process, Cenicaña and sugar mills in the region designed a mechanism that increases the volumetric density in the cane transport wagons.

Thanks to the fact that the mechanism is susceptible of industrial application, it is novel and it has an inventive level, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, SIC, granted the invention patent, with which the result of the research carried out by the agro-industry is not only recognized sugar cane, led by Cenicaña, but the right to exclusively exploit the invention for 20 years is granted.

The invention consists in the installation of a chopping mechanism in the arm of the cane gatherers to divide the long stems cut manually, before being deposited on the wagons. Adding this cutting function did not require modifying the operational characteristics of load capacity and working speed of the lifting machines commonly used in the region.

After the invention patent was granted, the agribusiness advances in carrying out tests to validate the efficiency of the mechanism under commercial operating conditions.

In addition to this invention patent, Cenicaña has in its records another utility model patent granted by the SIC to the Flow Measurement Device for open channels (shared with Lynks Ingeniería SAS) and whose term expires in 2022.

Likewise, on the part of the ICA, Cenicaña has 22 varieties of sugar cane with plant breeders' rights.

Important data

The patent is a privilege granted by the State to the inventor in recognition of the investment and efforts made by the latter to achieve a technical solution that brings benefits to humanity. This privilege consists of the right to exclusively exploit the invention for 20 years.

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