Recommendations to mitigate the effects of La Niña

La Niña causes a considerable increase in rainfall and a decrease in temperatures in the Cauca river valley and other regions of Colombia.

Recommendations to mitigate the effects of La Niña

  • Clean and collect ditches and collectors, make sure that they are in good condition and clean the drain pipes.
  • Verify the free discharge of drainage ditches to the collectors.
  • Check the condition of vases or dikes: cover cracks, clean and control anthill.
  • Have motor pumps to evacuate water from the flat areas adjacent to the rivers.
  • Avoid overweight equipment and excessive skating. Control machine traffic.
  • Perform only superficial tillage to establish the crop and leave deep work for when the humidity decreases.
  • Implement the sowing practice in the loin.
  • Make high aporque in established crops and in socas.
  • Do not apply fertilizers if there is a risk of leaching or runoff washing.
  • In case of fertilization, replace the urea with products containing nitrogen in nitric form (ammonium nitrate and UAN solution), apply them near the strain and in smaller doses than those used in normal humidity conditions.

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