Take into account the following recommendations for the establishment of seedbeds that guarantee the health of the crop.


  • It is defined based on the sowing rates for each variety. In general, the seedbed area should be one tenth of the area that is planned to be renewed each year in commercial plantings.
  • Plant 30% to 40% more than the estimated area, since seedbeds can be naturally infected by viruses and bacteria.

2 Location

Identify the right sites:

  • With availability of water
  • Ease of fertilization and handling
  • Lots far from commercial fields planted with varieties with an incidence of RSD, LSD and SCYLV, to avoid sources of infection of affected or sick commercial lots.

3Age and cut number

  • Use batches with a maximum of two cuts (template and first undercut).
  • Ages between seven and nine months.


Carry out a different handling than commercial lots:

  • Intensify biological control of stem borer insects (Diatraea).
  • Perform sprinkler irrigation to reduce populations of virus vector aphids.
  • Perform fertilization based on soil tests.

5 Structural

Follow the origin of the seed and the state of commercial lots with ages between five and seven months, in order to make a diagnosis of RSD, LSD and SCYLV. If necessary, use them as an alternative source of seed.


Keep in mind

seed selection
  • Use seed from lots diagnosed as healthy or free of LSD, RSD and SCYLV. Make the diagnosis from the seven months of age of the cane.
  • Select the varieties according to the site-specific agriculture approach, AEPS, for a better adaptation to the agroecological zones of the farm.
  • Discard lots with mixed varieties.
Cutting tools

Disinfest the tools with sublimated iodine (Aviyodox or Vanodine 2%), by instant immersion of the machetes in the preparation.

Heat treatment
  1. Immersion of the seed in hot water at 50 ° C for 10 minutes
  2. Rest in the environment for 8 -12 hours
  3. Immersion of the seed in hot water at 51 ° C for one hour.
  1. Immersion of the seed in water at room temperature for 24 - 48 hours.
  2. Immersion in hot water at 51 ° C for one hour.

* Diseases

RSD: ratoon rickets – LSD: leaf scald – SCYLV: yellow leaf virus

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Year 3 / Number 2 / July 2015

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