Massive assistance to specialized sugar production course

The course was taught by Gillian Eggleston, Ph.D. in Chemistry linked to the US Department of Agriculture.

A total of 35 professionals linked to the processes of the sugar plants and distilleries of ten mills in the region participated in the course Orientation of the cane sugar production process offered by Gilliam Eggleston, director of the Sugar and Bioprocesses Project of the Department of Agriculture (USDA), from New Orleans, United States.

The course is part of the specialized continuous training activities of the Sena Asocaña 2015 agreement, which are carried out with the support of the Cenicaña Sugar Cane Research Center. Within the framework of this agreement, in the last semester of the year, nine training sessions were held on operation and maintenance in factories.

During her visit, Dr. Eggleston highlighted the high level of the Colombian sugar agribusiness: “In my long experience I have been in 56 countries and compared to them the level of the mills in Colombia is quite high. World trade looks for industries that export quality products. The United States, for example, produces sugar of all types, but does not export it, instead Colombia has quality in its products and exports. Additionally, it surprises me that ethanol is also being produced with this cane and generating energy, so a very good use is made of the matter ”.

And he added: “It is striking that in many countries there is a tendency to reduce costs and they are practically dedicated to planting, cutting and producing sugar. Here, in Colombia, in Cenicaña, it is interesting to find a space for the library when other agribusinesses do not even plan to have one. The investigation and its professionals are of high level. The same as its professionals ”.

Gilliam Eggleston is Ph.D. Carbohydrate Chemistry from the Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK.