Cenicaña Research is recognized at the X Tecnicaña Congress

The event was held between September 14 and 18. The Colombian Sugar Cane Research Center congratulates all the winners.

  General list of awards:


1Diagnosis of the yellow leaf virus (SCYLV, Polerovirus) by real-time PCR (RT-qPCR).
Authors: Carolina Acosta V., Marcela Cadavid O., Juan Carlos Ángel S., Jorge Ignacio Victoria K., and Carlos Ariel Ángel C. (All from Cenicaña)

2Expression of glutamine synthetase in assimilation of ammonium and nitrate in sugar cane.
Authors: Claudia M. Franco, Hugo A. Jaimes, Fernando Muñoz, John J. Riascos, Héctor Chica and Jershon López. (All from Cenicaña)

3Commercial comparison of the CC 01-1940 variety with the CC 85-92 variety in humid environments: results and experiences.
Authors: Pedro Iván Bastidas, Gustavo Medina, Waldemar Tique (Ingenio La Cabaña) and Miguel Ángel Lopez (Cenicaña).

Industrial processes

1Application of computational and experimental tools to improve grinding performance.
Authors: Santiago Orduz, Julián Montes, Adolfo Gómez and Nicolás Gil. (All from Cenicaña)

2Benefits obtained with the installation of deep bed filters for the first filtration of liquor in Incauca.
Authors: Juan Carlos Sabogal Agudelo, Hermes Tovar Olaya, Ana Cristina Rodríguez Patiño, Fernando Alfonso Pérez Sanjuan and Pedro Nel López López (All from Incauca)

Administration, management and environment, social responsibility and sustainability

1Conservation experiences in the Bolo river basin.
Authors: Amalia Morales Vargas and Lorena Andrea Ponce Salazar (Asobolo) and Armando González Lozano (Ingenio Mayagüez)


1Potential of sugar cane as an energy source in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Authors: Simone p. Souza (State University of Campinas, Brazil)