2015 annual report

April 2016.


  • Board of Directors and management
  • Message from the president of Riopaila Castilla SA, Djalma Teixeira De Lima Filho
  • Report of the CEO, Álvaro Amaya Estévez
  • The weather in the Cauca River Valley
  • Cane and sugar production in the Cauca river valley
  • Variety program
  • Agronomy Program
  • CATE: Cut cane, moose, transport and factory delivery
  • Factory Process Program
  • Economic and Statistical Analysis Service
  • Technical Cooperation and Technology Transfer Service
  • Computer Technology Service
  • Information and Documentation Service
  • Superintendence of the Experimental Station
  • Attachments
  • Appendix
  • Acronyms, acronyms and abbreviations
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