December 24 2021 web newsletter

Cenicaña's Message

The CEO, Dr. Freddy Garcés, shares a reflection on what has been accomplished this year and the challenges we have for the future

Cenicaña leads a sector initiative that accompanies growers and mills in their process towards more sustainable crop management practices.


Sharing union experiences in water management

Representatives of the rice and banana sectors, and of the Agrosavia research centers, and the Bioversity International - Ciat alliance met in Cenicaña to share experiences and reflections on the efficiency of the use of water in crops
New developments

Ceniprof 3.0: simulate your processes and stimulate change

Ceniprof is a simulation tool to predict the operational performance of manufacturing processes and that, since 2005, has supported professionals in Colombian sugar mills in their analysis of the variables involved in each of the mill operations.

Cenicristal 2.0: web tool for the sugarcane agribusiness

On September 23, 2021, the software was made available on the Cenicaña website Ashtray version 2.0, a new tool with a web focus that allows to analyze and characterize the size of the crystal present in the various samples of the cane sugar crystallization process.


Weather and seasonal forecast

Agroclimatic service:


The value of our people (corporate video)

The Cauca River Valley is a naturally sweet territory. Its people, its traditions, its landscapes and its history smell and taste like cane… Here, in 1977, mills and growers came together to build the dream of the Colombian Sugar Cane Research Center.


Cenicaña research in international scientific publication

The scientific journal Frontiers in Plant Science published one of our most recent investigations, on the reconstruction of the genome of the variety most sown in the sector: CC 01-1940.


Driven Technologies


Service of multiplication and propagation of varieties


Is recognized
by Socolen


hosted the Ómicas Symposium | Workshop 9. Quantification of nitrous oxide emission in soils cultivated with sugar cane


Communication for users of Cenicaña services, December 2021


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