Cenicaña launches a new web tool for the sugarcane agribusiness

On September 23, 2021, the software was made available on the Cenicaña website Ashtray version 2.0, a new tool with a web focus that allows to analyze and characterize the size of the crystal present in the various samples of the cane sugar crystallization process.

This software is based on digital image processing techniques that integrates a robust calibration algorithm to obtain reliable results in the detection of crystals present in the materials of the sucrose crystallization process. It allows classifying crystals (simple crystals and conglomerates), establishing their geometry and measuring their size.

The materials that it analyzes and processes correspond to slurry, seed, cooked dough, honeys and sugar.

Cenicristal v2.0 interface, new tool available to be used on various devices

The main users of this new tool will be the crystallization areas of sugar mills.

The Cenicristal software was developed by the Cenicaña Factory Process Program, with the support of the Information Technology Service and the Technical Cooperation and Technology Transfer Service.

To enter the tool click here.