Strategies for the management of the main pests of sugarcane – North

Asorut Auditorium Km 3 Vía La Unión - La Victoria, La Unión, Valle de Cauca, Colombia

During the event, you will learn about: Recognition of the different pests and the damage they cause, the economic impact of pests in sugarcane, generalities and current status of spittlebug and Diatraea in the Cauca River valley, methodologies for field evaluations, permanent monitoring and monitoring of commercial batches, effectiveness of controllers […]


Irrigator school: second course

Cenicaña Office Asorut, Km 3 Vía La Unión - La Victoria, La Unión, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Consult the technical staff of each mill for more information. Description: Cenicaña created “The School of Irrigators” as a strategy to strengthen the skills of the people in charge of irrigation and in this way promote the efficient use of water resources. On this occasion the course will focus on irrigation management by […]

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