Invaders attack civilians and generate forest fires in northern Cauca

The unions and companies of Cauca and Valle del Cauca denounce that this Tuesday a group of invaders attacked two families who were in their homes and started a fire in a forest that is part of the civil society natural reserve located in the Japio farm, in the north of Cauca, in retaliation for an eviction procedure carried out by the authorities on this property.

In one of the attacks, the family of a worker was attacked, including a minor with a high-risk illness, while in another home a worker was gagged, attacked, his home destroyed and, as a consequence, displaced from the place of work. indefinitely. Likewise, the attackers started a forest fire in an attempt to avoid the eviction process led by the Mayor's Office of Santander de Quilichao, in compliance with a court order to restore the right to private property.

From the unions and companies of the region, represented in the Cauca Union and Business Council, the Inter-union and Business Committee of the Valley, the SAG Cauca, Asocaña and Procaña, we decisively condemn this attack against the civilian population, which is not the The first to occur on the Japio farm, since last August in an attempted invasion, the students, teachers, administrative staff and workers of the Niña María Mixed Rural School located on this property were attacked. Likewise, we reject the constant irreparable damage to the environment, which is evident in the cutting and burning of this forest reserve, registered by the National Natural Parks of Colombia.

We thank the justice system, the administrative and police authorities who carried out actions within the framework of the law to restore the violated rights to life, work, education, mobility and private property.

In the north of Cauca, the systematic violation of the rule of law cannot continue to be allowed, which is why we reiterate the call to the National Government to find urgent and definitive solutions that guarantee the protection of fundamental rights and that allow us all to live and work in peace in this region.

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