Factory Committee, May 18 of 2016

Memories of the committee

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Presentation Exhibitor:

Climate in the Cauca river valley: evolution, forecast and prediction 2016
Enrique Cortes

Special Project: Strategies to reduce the impact of the quality of raw materials on the profitability and quality of the finished product.
Nicolas Gil

Reliability analysis for critical equipment: cane driver
Julian Montes

Analytical methodologies for the identification and quantification of colorants in the sugar sector.
Tatiana Sanchez

Evaluation of the performance of the juice clarification station and color behavior in a pilot mill
Stephania Imbachí

Comprehensive analysis of the mass evapo-crystallization process B.
Jose David Tascón

Reduction of the use of urea and phosphoric acid in the fuel ethanol production process
Carolina Prieto


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