Memories: Seminar | Opportunities and challenges of biogas production in the sugarcane agroindustrial sector.

January 26, 2023 | 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Hybrid event (virtual and face-to-face).

main theme

The valorization of waste from the sugarcane agroindustry through anaerobic digestion is one of the biotechnological alternatives that we promote from Cenicaña, as an option to reduce the environmental impact of waste while diversifying our product matrix. For this reason, this event brought together researchers and commercial firms, who shared their knowledge on the production and potential use of biogas, generated from biomass such as stillage and filter cake, approaching from conceptual bases for the production of biogas and digestate, to the potential uses of these products at a national and international level, technologies for biogas conditioning and different models of biodigesters.

January 26

Conceptual bases on anaerobic digestion
PDF - Video
Ing. María Alejandra Correa
Eng. David Palacios

Uses of biogas and potential for Colombia
PDF - Video
Dr. Luz Stella Cadavid Rodríguez
National University
Biogas quality and conditioning
PDF - Video
Eng. Quentin Bulcourt
Biogas upgrading reactors and technologies
PDF - Video
Dr. Carlos Alexander Pizarro
Sanitary Engineer –
Expert in Biogas Plants «Virtual Presentation from Spain»
Biodigester models in Colombia
PDF - Video
Ing. Heriberto Dorado
Methanization of vinasses, use and valorization of digestate
PDF - Video
Bioengineer Philippe Conil
Regulations and biogas market | Biomethane: a green gas option on the path to decarbonization
PDF - Video
Eng. Carolina López
Gases of the West
Panorama of Biodigestion in the Sugarcane Sector in
PDF - Video
André Elia Neto
Environmental and
UNICA Water Resources
Implementation of a conversion plan to clean discharge technology at Ingenio Risaralda SA (Prtlv). With the use of biogas
PDF - Video
Alejandra Ramirez,
Katerine Naranjo,
Gustavo Marin,
Eladio Castro,
Ingenio Risaralda SA