Required: Soil Microbiologist

General description: 

Work site: Experimental station, via Cali - Florida Km. 26.

Purpose of the position: 

Plan, execute and socialize research and activities in the area of ​​nutrition and fertilization related to soil, rhizosphere and plant microbiology, using conventional laboratory and molecular techniques including extraction of DNA from soil, plant tissues and microbial biomass for sequencing and identification of soil, rhizosphere and plant microorganisms. Identify priorities and opportunities to formulate proposals that expand the knowledge of the role of soil microorganisms in the performance of the crop. Generate products from the research results that contribute to the integrated management of crop nutrition. Propose and support the transfer of strategies that include knowledge and management of the microbiome associated with sugarcane in order to maintain or increase crop productivity without affecting the sustainability of the sugarcane production system.


  • Professional title from a national or foreign university of recognized academic level, in Biology, Agronomic Engineering or related careers.
  • Master's degree from a national or foreign university of recognized academic level, with an emphasis on Soil Microbiology.
  • It is essential to read and write in English, desirable to speak it.
  • Desirable links to professional and / or scientific associations.


Indispensable, 3 years in:

  • Projects related to the study and management of soil microbiome for agronomic purposes
  • Assembly and monitoring of experiments in laboratory, greenhouse and field using different experimental designs
  • Application of the scientific method and data analysis through recognized statistical packages SAS, R, etc.

Desirable, in:

  • Knowledge of the soil enzyme complex and its relationship with the crop-associated microbiome.
  • Knowledge of the soil-water-crop-microbiome interaction.
  • Basic physics and chemistry of soils
  • Oral and written presentation of research results to the scientific community and farmers.
  • Ability to write and publish scientific articles in indexed journals.

Responsibilities and expectations of the position:


  • Support the formulation of research projects in the area based on the needs of the sector.
  • Be open to opportunities for interaction with Cenicaña's research programs and with the sector.
  • Budgeting the resource needs to achieve the purposes of the processes and resources in charge.
  • Support in the management of external resources and with possible alliances with national and international entities.
  • Present area reports for internal and external use according to requirements.
  • Evaluate the results of the processes in your area by using the established indicators.
  • Implement improvements in the technologies used that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes in the area.
  • Keep abreast of technological advances, regulations and standards in their field of action and transmit this knowledge to clients.


  • Continuously study the advances in knowledge in the area of ​​agricultural soil microbiology.
  • Identify advances in the area that can be used to benefit the productivity and sustainability of the sugarcane production system.
  • Interact with the other Cenicaña research programs and especially with the factory one to study the influence of the microbiome associated with cultivation in the field and its possible influence on the manufacturing process.
  • Actively participate in the transfer and application of research results to the commercial management of the crop by the agroindustry.


Research Center of Sugar Cane of Colombia, Cenicaña.


Experimental Station, via Cali-Florida km 26, San Antonio de los Caballeros, Florida, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

General terms of employment:

Cenicaña offers a competitive salary based on the applicant's experience.

Working hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm at the Experimental Station via Cali-Florida km 26, San Antonio de los Caballeros. Florida. Cauca's Valley.

Contact information: 

Candidates should send their resume and letter of motivation and interest to

Deadline: Tuesday 09 of April of 2021

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