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Methodological guides

• Agronomic management of sugar cane cultivation with the site-specific agriculture approach, AEPS.

• Administrative control of irrigation, CAR.

• Priority water balance for scheduling irrigation in sugar cane.

• Irrigation with reduced flow in sugar cane crops.

• Hydrological balance in supply and demand of water for irrigation in a productive unit.

• Preparation of soils for the sustainable production of sugar cane

• Evaluation of the damage of the cane borers: Diatraea spp. And his control.

• Recognition of diseases of sugar cane in Colombia.

• Basic concepts of the soil and its fertility for the nutrition of sugar cane

• Evaluation of the thermal efficiency of boilers in sugar mills in the Colombian energy sector.


• Agronomic and productivity characteristics of the variety Cenicaña Colombia (CC) 93-4418.

• Efficient management of irrigation in cultivation in the geographical valley of the Cauca River.

• Pest Insects and Beneficial Organisms of Sugar Cane in Colombia.

• Catalog of Varieties of sugar cane.


• Determination of the volume of water applied per hectare in the irrigation of the sugar cane crop.

• Proof of advance and infiltration of the water in the grooves.

• Demonstration of irrigation with reduced flow.

• Irrigation with reduced flow.


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