Physiological characterization of varieties

The physiological characterization of varieties is a continuous process within Cenicaña.

This activity aims to improve knowledge about the factors and processes that converge in the production of biomass and sucrose in the cultivation of sugarcane. The best understanding of physiological processes is used as a tool to refine current management practices and to propose the experimental evaluation of new ones.

Growth, development and crop production

The evaluation of the growth, development and production of the crop includes the quantification of variables of agronomic interest such as population, leaf area index, height and production and distribution of total fresh and dry mass and organ. Likewise, the production and accumulation of sucrose is also characterized over time. This process involves current or potential varieties for the national sugar sector in different locations in the Cauca river valley.

Characterization of the germplasm bank

The research center is aware of the importance of detailed knowledge of genetic variability and its expression through phenotypic characteristics, currently conducting research aimed at the evaluation and quantification of new variables in previously selected germplasm bank accessions. With this type of interdisciplinary research projects, it is intended to integrate knowledge at different levels in order to collaborate in obtaining new and better varieties that respond to the needs of the national sugar sector.