Memories: Technical Forum | Agribusiness 4.0.

June 7 and 8, 2022 | 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Hybrid event (virtual and face-to-face) at: Cenicaña Experimental Station

main theme

Advances and state of the art of agribusiness 4.0 technologies. in agriculture, emphasis on the cultivation of sugar cane

Day 1 – June 7

Welcome and objectives of the forum
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Freddy Garces 
General Manager – Cenicaña
Agriculture 4.0
Daniel Jimenez – Ph.D.
Alliance of Biodiversity International and CIAT and Head Agronomy at U. ICESI
Site-Specific Agriculture – AEPS in the Colombian Sugar Industry
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Camilo Isaacs E.
I. Agronomist
Detailed soil studies
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Alfonso Garcia
Climate Database, Climate Zoning
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Hector A Chica – Analytics
Agroecological zoning, towards a fifth approach
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Fernando Muñoz – Agronomy Program 
Geomatics in the sugarcane agroindustry
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Juan M. Valencia – I. Topographer
Cenicaña Agronomy Program
Weather predictions. Cenicaña Agroclimatic Service
PDF - Video
Mery Fernández – Cenicaña Agroclimatology 
Contribution of space geodesy to the study of the dynamics of the Earth
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Hector Mora Paez, M.S.c., Ph.D.
GeoRED Group
Networks in the Agroindustrial Sector of sugarcane
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Jaime H Caicedo I. Systems
and Jorge Celades – I. Electronic
Information Technology Service 
Modeling in Agribusiness 4.0
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Hector Chica
Satellite Communications – John Deere Case
Rodrigo Costa
bull house
Satellite RXD Corrections
Luis Roberto Cabral
Satellite Communications – Solinftec Case 
Caio Sudre
Solinftec Manager
Joao Frigerio – Solinftec Technology coordinator
Use of Radar in Agriculture
Hector Mauricio Ramirez
Sucrose prediction using Machine Learning
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Paula Valencia
Providence Sugar Mill 
Quantitative Estimation of Earth's Surface Movements by Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry
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Fredy Diaz Mila, Karime Escobar and Hector Mora Paez
Geohazards Directorate
Space Geodetic Research Group

Day 2 – June 8

Agrónica – Uses of Sensors in Agriculture
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Edgar Hincapie
Cenicaña Agronomy Program 
Precision agriculture uses Mayagüez
PDF - Video
Catherine Delgado
Mayaguez Sugar Mill 
Productivity mapping technologies, interpretation
and practical application
PDF - Video
Diego Sandoval 
Providence Sugar Mill 
Geographic Databases in the cultivation of sugarcane
PDF - Video
Alexander Caballero R.
Riopaila Sugar Mill – Castilla 
Precision Harvesting – Harvesting lines and technologies
PDF - Video
Diego Sandoval 
Providence Sugar Mill 
Precision Agriculture (AP) – Advances worldwide
Brenda Ortiz – Ph.D.
Professor & Precision Ag. Extension Specialist
Auburn University
Precision farming
PDF - Video
Lady Johana Arias
Society Azcarate SAS
Prospects and advances of Industry 4.0 
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Julio Calpa P.
Cenicaña Factory Program 
Agribusiness Panel 4.0 

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