2019 annual report

Cenicaña presents an annual report focused on the most important achievements and advances in research, technology development and the supply of services for the Colombian sugarcane agribusiness.


  • United for regional development: Freddy Fernando Garcés, CEO of Cenicaña
  • Union and future: Vicente Borrero Calero, president of the Board of Directors of Cenicaña
  • Science and union: keys to being sugar and much more: María Eugenia Lloreda, president of Asocaña
  • Sustainability: an objective that unites us as a sector: Ángela María Cabal, president of the Procaña Board of Directors
  • The climate in the Cauca river valley 2019 and 2020 projection
  • Production and productivity of the sugarcane agribusiness 2019
  • Varieties of sugarcane for a more sustainable agribusiness
  • Understand the environment for better management of sugar cane cultivation
  • Technologies for a more sustainable management of cane cultivation
  • Technologies for more sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Research to contribute to the diversification of the agro-industry
  • Strategies to drive innovation in agribusiness
  • Actions to be a Center of excellence, creative and quality
  • Annex
  • Appendix
  • References
  • Acronyms, acronyms and abbreviations
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