InCane: Bulletin No.1


A mechatronically integrated seed material autonomous generation system for sugarcane: A crop of industrial significance

Nare, B., Tewari, VK, Kumar Chandel, A., Prakash Kumar, S. and CR Chethan

Industrial Crops and Products | 128 | Feb 2019: 1-12.

A Study on the Quantity / Intensity Relationships of Potassium of Sugarcane Growing Soils, Eastern Thailand

Suttanukool, P., Darunsontaya, T., and W. Jindaluang

Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis | 50 (2) | 2019: 153-163.

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Aqueous acidified ionic liquid pretreatment for bioethanol production and concentration of produced ethanol by pervaporation

Trinh, LTP, Lee, Y.-J., Park, CS and Bae, H.-J.

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry | 69 | Jan 2019: 57-65

Arthrospira maxima OF15 biomass cultivation at laboratory and pilot scale from sugarcane vinasse for potential biological new peptides production

Montalvo, GEB, Thomaz-Soccol, V., Vandenberghe, LPS, Carvalho, JC, Faulds, CB, Bertrand, E., Prado, MRM, Bonatto, SJR, and Soccol, CR

Bioresource Technology | 273 | Feb 2019: 103-113

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Biohythane production from sugarcane bagasse and water hyacinth: A way towards promising Green energy production

Kumari, S., Das, D.

Journal of Cleaner Production | 207 | Jan 2019: 689-701

Decomposition of sugarcane straw: Basis for management decisions for bioenergy production.

Pimentel, LG, Cherubin, MR, Oliveira, DMS, Cerri, CEP and Cerri, CC

Biomass and Bioenergy | 122 | Mar 2019: 133-144

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Calibration of ADM1 using the Monte Carlo Markov Chain for modeling of anaerobic biodigestion of sugarcane vinasse in an AnSBBR.

Couto, PT, Brustello, M., Albanez, R., Rodrigues, JAD, Zaiat, M. and Ribeiro, R.

Chemical Engineering Research and Design | 141 | Jan 2019: 425-435

Co-utilization of acidified glycerol pretreated sugarcane bagasse for microbial oil production by a novel Rhodosporidium strain

Hassanpour, M., Cai, G., Gebbie, LK, Speight, RE, Junior Te'o, VS, O'Hara, IM and Zhang, Z.

Engineering in Life Sciences | 19 (3) | Mar 2019: 217-228

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Characterization of maize translational responses to sugarcane mosaic virus infection

T. Xu, L. Lei, J. Shi, X. Wang, J. Chen, M. Xue, S. Sun, B. Zhan, Z. Xia, N. Jiang, Zhou, T., Lai, J., and Fan, Z.

Virus Research | 259 | Jan 2019: 97-107

Functional analysis of Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli membrane protein gene Lxx18460 (anti-sigma K) 06 Biological Sciences 0604 Genetics 06 Biological Sciences 0607 Plant Biology 06 biological Sciences 0601 Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Zhu, K., Shao, M., Zhou, D., Xing, Y.-X., Yang, L.-T., Li and Y.-R

BMC Microbiology | 19 (2) | Jan 2019: 1-12

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Applying Soil Management Assessment Framework (SMAF) on short-term sugarcane straw removal in Brazil

Lisboa, IP, Cherubin, MR, Satiro, LS, Siqueira-Neto, M., Lima, RP, Gmach, MR, Wienhold, BJ, Schmer, MR, Jin, VL, Cerri, CC and Cerri, CEP 

Industrial Crops and products | 129 | March 2019: 175-184

Can alternative N-fertilization methods influence GHG emissions and biomass production in sugarcane fields?

Borges, CD, Carvalho, JLN, Kölln, OT, Sanches, GM, Silva, MJ, Castro, SGQ, Castro, SAQ, Sousa, LL, Oliveira, JVC, Cantarella, H., Vargas, VP, Tsai, SM and HCJ Frank

Biomass and Bioenergy | 120 | Jan 2019: 21-27

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A dynamic degradation landscape on miRNAs and their predicted targets in sugarcane caused by Sporisorium scitamineum stress

Su Y, Xiao X, Ling H, Huang N, Liu F, Su W, Zhang Y, Xu L, Muhammad K, Que, YBMC

Genomics | 20 (1) | Jan 2019: 1-21

A miniature inverted-repeat transposable element, AddIn-MITE, located inside a WD40 gene is conserved in Andropogoneae grasses

Grativol, C., Thiebaut, F., Sangi, S., Montessoro, P., da Silva Santos, W., Hemerly, AS and Ferreira, PCG

Peer-Reviewed-Plant Biology section | 1 | Jan 2019: 12-23

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A comparative study of biogasification of wheat straw, sugar cane bagasse and press mud.

Singh, PK, Srichandan, H., Ojha, SK, Mishra, S., Naik, K

Journal of Environmental Science and Health | (Part A) | Jan 2019: 74-82

Anaerobic co-digestions of agro-industrial waste blends using mixture design

Rahman, MA, Saha, CK, Ward, AJ, Møller, HB and Alam, MM

Biomass and Bioenergy | 122 | Mar 2019: 156-164

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