InCane: Bulletin No.2


Agronomic Performance of Sugarcane in Reduced Row Spacing Grown from Different Billet Sizes Under No-tillage and Conventional Tillage System

Pelloso, MF, da Silva, MG and AP da Silva.

Sugar Tech | 21 (79) | Jan. 2020: 1-8

An Optimization Model of Sugarcane Harvesting with Fixed and Variable Costs Approximated by Fourier and Cubic Functions

Pornprakun W., Sungnul S., Kiataramkul C. and EJ Moore

Transactions on Engineering Technologies. IMECS. 2018 | 2020 | Conferences Proceedings: 338-353

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A Solution-Focused Comparative Risk Assessment of Conventional and Emerging Synthetic Biology Technologies for Fuel Ethanol

Wells E., Trump BD, Finkel AM and I. Linkov

 In: Trump B., Cummings C., Kuzma J., Linkov I. (eds) Synthetic Biology 2020: Frontiers in Risk Analysis and Governance. Risk, Systems and Decisions | 2020 | 223-255 

Current approaches and trends in the production of microbial cellulases using residual lignocellulosic biomass: a bibliometric analysis of the last 10 years

Roth, JCG, Hoeltz, M. and LB Benitez.

Archives of Microbiology | Jan. | 2020: 1-17

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Blends of sugarcane bagasse with the mango tree and cashew tree's pruning: properties characterization and investigation of their energy potentials

Ponte, MR, Gadelha, AMT, Machado, YD, Lopes, AAS, Malveira, JQ, Mazzetto, SE, Lomonaco, D. and MA by Sousa Rios.

Materia-Rio de Janeiro | 24 (2) | 2019: Article number e-1237

Characterization of Different Types of Agricultural Biomass and Assessment of Their Potential for Energy Production in China

Tan, FR, He, L., Zhu, QL, Wang, YW, Hu, GQ and MX He.

Bioresources | 14 (3) | 2019: 6447-6464

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Synthesis and application of sugarcane bagasse cellulose mixed esters. Part II: Removal of Co2 + and Ni2 + from single spiked aqueous solutions in batch and continuous mode

Almeida, FTRD, Elias, MMC, Xavier, ALP, Ferreira, GMD, Silva, IA, Filgueiras, JG, Azevedo, ERD, Silva, LHMD, Gil, LF, Gurgel, LVA

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science | 552 | Sep. 2019: 337-350

3D Scanning as a part of “Virtual Plant Asset Management” - a short trip to industry 4.0

Strünkmann GW and A. Cornelius

Sugar Industry | 145 (1) | Jan. 2020: 46-48

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Immune response and susceptibility to Cotesia flavipes parasitizing Diatraea saccharalis larvae exposed to and surviving an LC25 dosage of Bacillus thuringiensis

Pinto, CPG, Azevedo, EB, dos Santos, ALZ [et al.]

Journal of Invertebrate Pathology | 166 | June 2019: 1-7

Towards a global DNA barcode reference library for quarantine identifications of lepidopteran stemborers, with an emphasis on sugarcane pests

Lee, TRC, Anderson, SJ, Tran-Nguyen, LTT, Sallam, N., Le Ru, BP, Conlong, D., Powell, K., Ward, A., Mitchell, A.

Scientific Report | 9 (1) | Dec. 2019: 1-19.

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Biochar Application for Greenhouse Gases Mitigation

Demir O.

In: Dincer I., Colpan C., Ezan M. (eds) Environmentally-Benign Energy Solutions. Green Energy and Technology. | 2020 | 39-68

Reduced tillage and organic reforms can offset the negative impact of climate change on soil carbon: A regional modeling study in the Caribbean

Chopin, P. and J. Sierra.

Soil and Tillage Research | 192 | Sep 2019: 113-120

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Assembly of the 373k gene space of the polyploid sugarcane genome reveals reservoirs of functional diversity in the world's leading biomass crop

Mendes Souza, G., Van Sluys, MA, Gimiliani Lembke, C. [et al.]

Giga Science | 8 (12) | Dec. 2019: 1-18

Characterization of a Saccharum spontaneum with a basic chromosome number of x = 10 provides new insights on genome evolution in genus Saccharum

Meng, Z., Han, J., Lin, Y. et al.

Theoretical and Applied Genetics | 133 (1) | Jan. 2020: 187-199 

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Assessment of Global Potential of Biohydrogen Production from Agricultural Residues and Its Application in Nitrogen Fertilizer Production

Karimi Alavijeh, M., Yaghmaei, S. and MM Mardanpour

Bioenergy research | 12 (45) | Dec. 2019: 1-14

Biohydrogen production from waste materials: benefits and challenges

Kamaraj, M., Ramachandran, KK and J. Aravind.

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology | 17 (1) | Jan 2020: 559-576

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