Mechanization equipment development

Cenicaña develops mechanization equipment focused on providing an appropriate environment for optimum seed germination and good crop development.


Cenicaña developed the Cenitándem, a subsoiler that performs tillage in levels by means of two semi-parabolic rods aligned in the direction of advance of the tractor. The first stem has a working depth between 25 and 30 centimeters and the second can work the soil up to 50 cm deep. In its lower part, each stem is provided with steel wing tips to improve disturbance in the horizontal direction. The Cenitándem is a Cenicaña development that has achieved full diffusion and adoption in the sugar sector. Modifications that can lead to improve the performance of the Cenitándem are currently being investigated.

Modified zenith by adding four scarifiers.

Reversible Eccentric Trencher

Cenicaña has contributed to the development of the reversible eccentric trencher for the construction of irrigation and drainage ditches. This equipment has improved characteristics compared to conventional trenchers, such as the elimination of crop trampling at the ends of the furrows, the construction of ditches with asymmetric section to increase the length of the furrow, operation in two directions of advance (reversible). The equipment is currently being used by mills in Valle del Cauca.

Reversible eccentric trencher.