Climate and plant health, central themes of the Technical Forum 2015

About 300 people, including sugar cane suppliers and professionals from the mills, participated in the event organized by Cenicaña to update the sector on topics of interest

Sugar cane suppliers and staff from the region's mills met on November 24 at the 2015 Technical Forum, an event organized by Cenicaña with the purpose of updating the sugar sector on climate and plant health issues.

The program included a conference on the evolution of the El Niño phenomenon and its effects in the Cauca river valley, actions and recommendations to face the times of drought and the climate projection for the end of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016. It was also done delivery to book providers Efficient irrigation management in the cultivation of sugar cane in the Cauca river valley, which brings together 35 years of research on this agronomic work.

Regarding plant health, a talk was offered on the challenges and opportunities that agribusiness has to make an efficient management of the stem borer Diatraea spp., which is one of the main pests of the crop and from which a new species has been recorded that was not reported in the region.

In addition, a conference was given on the integral management of sugarcane diseases and recommendations were made for the establishment of healthy seedbeds.

Finally, the new Cenicaña website was presented, which includes the Variety Recommendation System, a tool to identify the four varieties with the highest productivity in each agro-ecological zone and each environment.