Information Letter, 1 of 2019

Report on advances, technologies and facts of interest related to the cultivation of cane and the sugar sector.



  • XXXIV Ascolfi Congress
  • In networks: Irrigation systems and measurement methodologies


  • "The best shield for the difficulties is the value of what we do"
  • Moments and milestones that marked a management


  • New CEO of Cenicaña
  • SIC grants patent of invention to the sugarcane agroindustry
  • Climate zones of the Cauca river valley
  • Spittlebug attack spreads in the Cauca river valley
  • Let's stop spreading the salivazo
  • Sprinkler mechanized irrigation systems: alternatives that gain ground
  • "Drip irrigation is not as mysterious or expensive as you think"
  • Cenicaña training program. Second half of 2019
  • What happens microbiologically in the sugar and ethanol factories?


  • Mobile soil sensors and their use in Site Specific Agriculture (AEPS)


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