Analysis and provision of geographic information

In support of the research of Cenicaña and other entities.

Support for Cenicaña's research

In the capture of georeferenced information, in the generation of productivity maps, varieties, plant health, burning, soils, among others, and in geostatistics.

Georeferenced information capture

Cenicaña has evaluated various methodologies to facilitate cartographic updating as well as the quality of the existing digital cartographic information in the Cauca River Valley.

Other tools suggested by Cenicaña for the georeferencing of farms, sampling sites in the field, and the cartographic update are the global positioning satellite equipment (GPS). GPS is currently being used by mills for this purpose and to georeference other geographic objects in the field with very good results.

Map generation

Among which are the maps of productivity, varieties, plant health, burning and soil.

The temporal and spatial variations in sugar cane production in the geographic valley of the Cauca River can be easily observed in thematic production maps. They are a tool to help interpret complex information on crop spatial and temporal variability and work with the Site Specific Agriculture (AEPS) approach.


Geostatistics is a set of techniques for the analysis and prediction of distributed values ​​in space and / or time, these values ​​are assumed to be correlated with each other.

Nowadays geostatistics can be applied to describe a diversity of observed phenomena in agriculture.

Support to other entities

Through the use of technological inputs and the analysis and provision of information for decision-making at the sector level

Group of Geomatics of the sugar sector

In order to strengthen the use of geographic information technologies in the Colombian sugar sector, Cenicaña leads the Geomatics group, which ensures that the sector works in a comprehensive and coordinated manner on the matter. Previously, the SIG group worked, which was key in the development of Site Specific Agriculture, AEPS ®.

The geomatics group is a space for interaction with professionals from related areas in sugarcane geomatics, where knowledge is exchanged, talks, seminars and training sessions are held.

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