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Economic criteria to support my decision to renew the plantation. AEco | M2

14 May 2020 | 9:00 am - 10:30 am

During the OnLine event, we will be talking about:

  • The renewal decision.
  • The investment in: 1. Adequacy, 2. Preparation and 3. Planting
  • What is the number of harvests that should be obtained before starting a new production cycle in order to maximize profit?

In this event we will address Module 2 (M2) of the virtual training: Economic analysis for decision making on the farm (The short title of this training is Economic analysis o AEco).

Start date and time: 14 May 2020 | 9:00 am. Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

Duration: 90 minutes (OnLine event) 

Dedication: In addition to the OnLine event, 120 minutes of individual participant work (at your own pace, in the time the participant has).

Work methodology to develop the M2 (virtual training)

Presentation of the contents of the Facilitator during the OnLine event and a subsequent individual practice of the participant, and feedback between both.

  1. OnLine Presentation by the Facilitator: M2. The breakeven point of my business and investment in agricultural machinery.
  2. After the OnLine event, the Participant individually develops the workshop delivered by the Facilitator.  
  3. After solving the workshop, the Participant answers a virtual assessment that you receive in your email, with a response deadline (one week).
  4. After the response deadline, the Facilitator shares the correct responses from the workshop through a video tutorial.
  5. A virtual space is established to share more contents of the virtual training and clarify doubts if necessary.
  6. If the Participant does not respond to the virtual evaluation, Cenicaña will not certify attendance at the OnLine event. 

Learning objectives:

At the end of Module 2 (M2) participants will be able to:

  • Carry out evaluations of the data cut by cut of your farm.
  • Know the behavior of new varieties by agro-ecological zones and associations.
  • Interact with the model with both economic and productive data to see what situations lead us to the decision to renew.
  • Carry out specific exercises according to the situation of your farm by agroecological zone and association because the average data does not allow evaluating a particular decision.

The other modules of the virtual training AEco They have particular learning objectives, which will be shared in the development of each module.

Generalities of the virtual training in AEco (All modules):

The other modules of the virtual training AEco They will be developed with the same work methodology (OnLine Event + Participant's individual work + Virtual evaluation + feedback information). You can check the scheduled events and register from www.cenicana.org/events

The full content of the training AEco is

  • M1. The breakeven point of my business and investment in agricultural machinery (Apr 23, 2020)
  • M2. Financial criteria to support my decision to renew the plantation (May 14, 2020)
  • M3. Financial analysis of investment in irrigation systems (Pending date) 


The Participant can register in the modules they want. No module is a prerequisite for another. Attendance to each OnLine module will be certified when the Participant completes the virtual assessment before the end of the response deadline.

The use of a laptop or desktop computer is recommended to develop each workshop. For the OnLine events where the contents of each module are presented, the Participant can connect from any device, including by cell phone (mobile phone).

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claudia contreras

Economist, M.Sc. Economist. Cenicaña

Economic and Statistical Analysis Service.


14 May 2020
9: 00 am - 10: 30 am
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Phone Number
+576025246611 ext. 5025
Cali, Colombia. (UTC-5), Colombia + Google Map
+ (57-2) 322 6746944

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