Agreements for the productive reconversion of sugarcane properties are underway

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At Al Campo we spoke with the director of Cenicaña about actions to achieve more sustainable crops.

A program to achieve sugarcane production in increasingly sustainable crops is underway at the Colombian Sugarcane Research Center (Cenicaña), in partnership with the Valle del Cauca Regional Autonomous Corporation (CVC) and the producers.

The general director of Cenicaña, Freddy Garcés, spoke in Al Campo, from Caracol Radio, about the progress achieved with this program and said that the purpose is to work together with environmental entities and sugarcane agro-industries, in search of the implementation of more sustainable practices for crop management.

He made specific reference to two agreements that are underway and that contemplate actions for productive reconversion in Soil management and conservation in the RAMSAR polygon, associated with the Sonso Lagoon, in the center of Valle del Cauca.

About the program, in which 33 productive units participate, spoke the director of Cenicaña, Freddy Garcés, who gave details of its implementation, the results and benefits obtained so far and other details that you can hear in the interview with Al Campo, from Caracol Radio. , in the attached audio file:

Luis Enrique Rodriguez
Snail Radio. December 18, 2022 – 05:51 am
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