Required: Communication professional

General description: 
The Colombian Sugar Cane Research Center, Cenicaña, requires a Communications professional with writing and visual design skills to support technology transfer strategies.

Dependence: Technical Cooperation and Technology Transfer Service (SCTT)
Immediate boss: SCTT Boss
Place of work: Experimental station of Cenicaña, via Cali - Florida Km. 26.

Purpose of the charge: 

Develop editorial projects for scientific and technical communication (informative, informative, educational, instructive or regulatory) for agribusiness.

Facilitate processes for the creation and production of content and visual communication pieces, graphic design and editing services, publication (physical or electronic) and file protection, in accordance with institutional guidelines.

academic accreditation: 

Undergraduate degree in professions related to social communication, editorial design, graphic design, visual design, multimedia design, visual communication design, visual communication, advertising communication and audiovisual production, for example.

Work experience:

Minimum one year of experience, desirable in dissemination projects or teaching of technical or academic knowledge. It is essential to present a product portfolio, especially:

  • Web content and social networks: design and optimization of images; design and creation of audiovisual pieces.
  • Editorial content in digital or printed publications: design and layout of magazines, brochures, books, technical sheets.
  • Other pieces of graphic content: illustration, infographics, photography, posters, large-format notices, signage, calendars, logos and logos.

Specific competences of the position:

  • Design and production of final arts for printed or electronic publications, for the web and social networks.
  • Creation and production of illustrations, infographics, animations, interactive and audiovisual resources (recording and editing of video and audio).
  • Taking pictures and digital retouching.
  • Publishing content on the web and social networks, monitoring and analysis of public interaction with the content.
  • Delivery of products on time and with the expected quality, in accordance with institutional procedures.

Skills and abilities

  • Management of programs and design tools: Adobe Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere, Acrobat, etc).
  • Knowledge of tools for content management on the web and social networks (WordPress, Meta business, HubSpot, Google Analytics).
  • Knowledge of Office tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Management of graphic and video software
  • Excellent spelling.


Research Center of Sugar Cane of Colombia, Cenicaña.


Experimental Station, via Cali-Florida km 26, San Antonio de los Caballeros, Florida, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

General terms of employment:

Cenicaña offers a competitive salary based on the applicant's experience.

Residence in Cali, Palmira or nearby municipalities.

To join our team you must participate

In a psychological and technical concepts test

Contact information: 

Candidates should send their resume to

Deadline: March 31th 2023

Note: If you have any questions in this regard, please contact our office at +57 (2) 5246611 ext. 5168