Variety Committee

The presentations made in the variety committee are the product of the discussions of this working group. Here we present partial information, ongoing research and research proposals. For more details, contact Cenicaña or the technician in charge at your mill.

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Year 4

4 of July

Wet zone varieties (PDF - 2015 kb)
Speaker : Carlos A. Viveros, Plant Breeder - Cenicaña

Impact of low flow irrigation, drip irrigation and fertigation on the productivity of sugarcane (PDF - 2015 kb)
Speaker : Doris M. Cruz and Armando Campos- Cenicaña

Varieties from Ingenio Risaralda (PDF - 2015 kb)
Exhibitor : Isabel C. Molina - Ingenio Risaralda

Quality of "seed" and processes associated with "germination" in sugarcane (PDF - 2015 kb)
Speaker : Miguel Angel López, physiologist - Cenicaña

Experiences in the management of varieties in humid soils of Riopaila Agrícola SA (PDF - 2015 kb)
Speaker : Nancy Gutierrez, Riopaila Agrícola

Variety status of La Cabaña Sugar Mill as of June 2015 (PDF - 28 kb)
Exhibitor : Pedro I. Bastidas, Ingenio La Cabaña

April 4

Inventory of varieties of Ingenio Manuelita (PDF - 2015 kb)
Speaker : Jorge Tafur, Ingenio Manuelita

Varietal distribution of Castilla Agrícola (PDF - 2015 kb)
Speaker : Abraham Victoria and Oscar Camacho, Castilla Agrícola SA

What do we do to decide to renew? (PDF - 2015 kb)
Exhibitor : Enrique Villegas, Farmer - Oriente SA

Year 4

August 4

Impacts of varietal adoption (PDF - 84 kb)
Speaker : Claudia Posada, Economist - Cenicaña

Disease Diagnosis Service (PDF - 2014 kb)
Speaker : Marcela Cadavid, Microbiologist - Cenicaña

Seedling production system (PDF - 2014 kb)
Speaker : Juan Carlos Ángel, Plant Pathologist - Cenicaña

March 4

Commercial evaluation of new varieties in dry - semi-dry environment (PDF - 2014 kb)
Speaker : Héctor Chica, Biometrist - Cenicaña

Agronomic Management Varieties Dry-Semi-dry Environment. Pichichí mill. (PDF - 2014 kb)
Speaker : Andres Felipe Muñoz, Ingenio Pichichí

Agroecological zones, Ingenio Mayagüez flat zone (PDF - 2014 kb)
Speaker : Jorge Pantoja, Ingenio Mayagüez

Variety situation Ingenio Carmelita (PDF - 2014 kb)
Exhibitor : Napoleón Bernal, Ingenio Carmelita

Commercial analysis of sugarcane varieties (2014-13) (PDF - 2014 kb)
Exhibitors : Oscar M. Delgado, Ingenio Providencia

Year 4

November 4

Accumulated commercial results as of September 2013 (PDF - 13 kb)
Speaker : Alberto Palma, Biometrist - Cenicaña

Census of varieties as of September 2013, 13 (PDF - 2013 kb)
Speaker : Carlos A. Viveros, Plant Breeder - Cenicaña

Productivity of variety CC 2013-13 according to agro-ecological zone (PDF - 2013 kb)
Speaker : Carlos Moreno, Biometrist - Cenicaña

Vinasse + Sources of N experiment, variety CC 2013-13 (PDF - 2013 kb)
Speaker : Fernando Muñoz, Edaphologist - Cenicaña

Response of the new varieties to ripeners (PDF - 2013 kb)
Exhibitors : Fernando Villegas, Agricultural Mechanization Engineer - Cenicaña.

Year 4

4 of March. Oriente SA

Commercial Productivity Results, January-December 2012 (PDF - 7 kb)

Speaker : Alberto Palma, Biometrist - Cenicaña


Productivity of the new varieties in the sector according to agro-ecological zone (PDF - 2012 kb)

Speaker : Carlos Moreno, Biometrist - Cenicaña


Adoption, monitoring and multiplication project of promising varieties (PDF - 2012 kb)

Speaker : Marcela Estrada, Agricultural Engineer - Cenicaña


Variety situation - Ingenio Manuelita (PDF - 2012 kb)

Speaker : Yuri Peralta García, Head of the agricultural technology department - Ingenio Manuelita


Varieties - Ingenio Pichichí (PDF - 2012 kb)

Speaker : Abelardo Vasco, Supplier Technical Assistant - Ingenio Pichichí


Current status of varieties - Ingenio Mayagüez (PDF - 2012 kb)

Speaker : Javier Bohorquez, Head of area and dept. soils and varieties - Ingenio Mayagüez


Varietal situation - Ingenio Carmelita (PDF - 2012 kb)

Speaker : Abelardo Vasco, Area Chief - Ingenio Carmelita


Varietal Behavior in Riopaila Castilla (PDF - 2012 kb)

Speaker : Alexander Bohorquez Paez, Director of Agronomy - Riopaila-Castilla


Variety program - Ingenio Risaralda (PDF - 2012 kb)

Speaker : Amanda Villegas, Head of agronomy - Ingenio Risaralda


Behavior of the varieties in Incacuca, year 2012 (PDF - 7 kb)

Speaker : Luis Eduardo Cuervo, Director III - Field Phytosanitary - Incauca


Year 4

may 4th

Stability analysis of variety CC 2010-27: in regional test and commercial lots

The Cabin

Results of the squad and first soca of the regional test dry-semi-dry zones with varieties of the Series 2010-27

Template results of the regional test for piedmont with varieties of Series 2010-27

Obtaining varieties for the humid zone of the Cauca river valley

Year 4

4th of July

Obtaining varieties for the humid zone of the Cauca river valley


Results of stage III of selection of varieties - 2009. Dry - Semi-dry. First cut

Video: Variety CC 16-2009 outstanding in state III 05-945

Template results of regional tests with varieties of Series 2009-16

Year 4

4th of September

Methodology to choose the variety to be sown using agroecological zoning, fourth approach and ZAECAB regrouping for fertilization and management

Ing. Mayagüez

Obtaining varieties for the humid zone of the Cauca river valley

Production results of Cenicaña varieties at Ingenio Mayagüez

Trail analysis in the variety selection process

Regional tests, series 2008-04

Year 4

4th of December Ing. Providencia

Cooperative experiments with sugar mills. Regional tests

Production and development of varieties

Results with new varieties at Ingenio Providencia. Period 2007-06 (October)

August 4rd Ing. La Cabaña

Application of linear mixed models in the identification of the best progenitors of the sugarcane genetic improvement process

New regional tests:? Dry-semi-dry, wet, and piedmont

Variety distribution of Ingenio La Cabaña SA

may 4th

Validation and refinement of moisture groups for agroecological zoning

Oriente SA

Variety situation Riopaila and Castilla, 2007

Situation of multiplication and results of the new varieties in the María Luisa sugar mill (2007-27)

Variety situation Ingenio Carmelita, 2007

Historical review of varieties - Incauca SA

Varietal distribution 2007 - Ingenio La Cabaña SA

Variety situation? 2007 - Ingenio Manuelita SA

Variety situation? 2007 - Ingenio Mayagüez SA

Variety situation? 2007 - Ingenio Pichichí SA

4 of March

Monitoring of rust in variety CC 2007-7


Evaluation of the variety CC 2007-7 in the María Luisa sugar mill

Results with promising varieties in the industry, 2007

Behavior of semi-commercial varieties by agro-ecological zone during 2007

Project: Site-specific agriculture. Phase III

Evaluation and commercial development of new varieties

Year 4

April 4

Commercial evaluation of the variety CC 83-2006


Site-Specific Agriculture Project (AEPS) phase III

Commercial development of new varieties for Ingenio Carmelita

Year 4

Nov. 4

Selection and development of varieties at Ingenio Providencia

Ing. Providencia

Historical production of varieties per unit of soil in Ingenio La Cabaña

Grinding test of variety CC 2005-3 at Ingenio Sancarlos

Behavior of the variety CC 2005-4 in the Proviedencia mill vs sugar sector

Detailed soil survey

Varieties for mechanical harvesting

February 4

Commercial, semi-commercial and promising varieties

Ing. Manuelita

Regional tests: series 2005, 2 and 22

Variety evaluation, machine harvest


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