Three days to learn about and highlight innovation and research in the sugarcane agribusiness

A total of 37 papers were presented by Cenicaña at the XII Tecnicaña Congress, consolidating itself as a benchmark in science, technology and innovation among the main sugarcane agro-industries in Latin America.

Between September 14 and 16, Cenicaña shared with attendees from more than 24 countries its main advances in the development of more resilient sugarcane varieties, the implementation of practices and experiences for a more sustainable management of the crop and in the search for alternatives to take advantage of the potential offered by sugar cane. “This scientific production supports the vision that the sector had 45 years ago, when it decided to create its Research Center and promised to promote a new model of institutional development to do science from the regions, with services of national scope and world-class research. . We are very pleased with the wide participation of Cenicaña in the academic agenda of this international event and for having had the opportunity to share our progress to continue contributing to the construction of a country agenda for 2030”, specified the General Director of Cenicaña, Freddy Fernando Garces.

recognized works

  • Diagnosis of limiting and reducing factors of productivity as a tool for decision-making in the cultivation of sugarcane. Speaker: María Claudia Pizarro.
  • Characterization of the deposits generated in the combustion of RAC, bagasse and coal in boilers of the Colombian sector. Speaker: William Ojeda.
  • Design of a remote energy measurement system supported on the IoT network of the sugarcane agroindustrial sector. Speaker: Jorge Celades
Cenicaña group that received recognition during the XII Tecnicaña Congress. From left to right: Jorge Celades, María Claudia Pizarro, José Luis Rivas, Freddy Fernando Garcés and William Ojeda.
On Monday, September 13, the Cenicaña experimental station was one of the facilities visited during the Tecnicaña Pre-Congress. There, more than 80 attendees at the event had the opportunity to tour experimental lots, learn about the infrastructure for research and services, and learn about the main scientific advances.
During the XII Tecnicaña Congress, visitors to the Big Stand of the sector had the opportunity to participate in different experiences to learn more about the Colombian sugarcane agroindustry.
The General Director of Cenicaña Freddy Fernando Garcés, in the company of Leonardo Daniel Ploper, technical director of the Obispo Colombres Agroindustrial Experimental Station, of Argentina, during the visit to Cenicaña.


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