The 2016 Girl, long? strong?

In the last 145 years *, in the odd-numbered decades (more or less every 20 years) there have been long and strong Boys, followed by brief periods of normal conditions and by Girls between moderate and strong, but, above all, long. The last record of this situation was 18 years ago (1998).



First semester of 2016

Equatorial Pacific Ocean: El Niño reached its maximum development (2.5 ° C) between November and December 2015 and dissipated during the first half of 2016, giving way to normal conditions in June. The cooling of the ocean surface began in July, which would facilitate the formation of a La Niña phenomenon in the fourth quarter of the year, whose probability of occurrence is between 55% and 60%.

Cauca River Valley: the climatic anomalies that characterized the year 2015 were attenuated and the climatic variables gradually returned to normal values ​​or close to these. In fact, in June only the average daily temperature oscillation showed a very high value; the other variables presented normal values, a little high or a little low.


ENRIQUE CORTÉS. Cenicaña Meteorologist • Date of elaboration: 19/07/2016

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4 Year / 2 Number / July of 2016

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