Technological office and frequently asked questions

Colombian sugarcane producers have this bank of technical questions about sugarcane cultivation available on the Cenicaña website

Growers can access this question bank to ask their technical doubts about sugarcane cultivation or their frequently asked questions about Cenicaña. Expert staff in the subject of the Center will answer all the concerns.

To access the Technology Clinic, just click on this logo at


Procedure for asking questions

01Enter the topic of your interest and consult the questions and answers It is very likely that someone has already had a concern similar to yours. Reading similar concerns can give you an idea on how to resolve your question. If after searching the topic of your interest you have not found an answer, enter the form to ask questions.

02Fill in all the information requested in the form For Cenicaña it is very important to know the name and email of the users who ask the questions; Without this information, it would not be possible to send a timely response to your concerns.

03Choose the topic of your interest The topics exist to categorize the questions and answers. If the topic of your interest is not on the list, write a new one in the field "Which?" of the form.

04Write the question clearly It is important to express the question clearly and with as few errors as possible so as not to generate erroneous interpretations.

05Submit the information After completing all the requested information and clearly writing your question, submit the form using the "Submit" button. The information will reach the website administrator, who will be in charge of processing the response. The average response time for questions from the technology office is 5 business days; for frequently asked questions it is 2 business days. After responding to users, Cenicaña will include the questions and answers it deems pertinent on this website.