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InCane: Bulletin No.15

Generative AI and Its Impact on Sugarcane Industry: An Insight into Modern Agricultural Practices Ray, PP Sugar Tech |January 2024 Mobile Application Implementation as Agriculture 4.0 Strategy for Sugarcane Yield

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InCane: Bulletin No.14

A Mathematical Model to Minimize the Total Cultivation Cost of Sugarcane Kumar, S. & Pant, M. In: Soft Computing for Problem Solving| 2023 Operational cycle analysis of Colombian sugarcane harvest,

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InCane: Bulletin No.13

A Soil Physical Assessment Over Three Successive Burned and Unburned Sugarcane Annual Harvests Ortiz, PFS, et al Sugar Tech |25| 2023 Combined Chemical Fertilizers with Molasses Increase Soil Stable Organic

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Library news: books

Apr 01, 2024 NTC 5800: 2020. Innovation management system. Terminology and definitions. Bogotá: ICONTEC, 2020. 21 p. Table of contents NTC 5801: 2018. Management system for

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InCane: Bulletin No.12

Chapter 6. Smart Irrigation and Cultivation Recommendation System for Precision Agriculture Driven by IoT Kumari, NMJ, Thirupathi Rao, N. & Bhattacharyya, D. In: Machine Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and IoT

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InCane: Bulletin No.11

Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) under saline stress: Growth, productivity, technological quality, and industrial yield Florentino de Morais, JE, et al Industrial crops and products |188| November 2022 Detection of White

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InCane: Bulletin No.10

A review of UAV platforms, sensors, and applications for monitoring of sugarcane crops Amarasingam, N., et al Environment |26| April 2022 Improving sugarcane production in saline soils with Machine Learning

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InCane: Bulletin No.9

Improving sugarcane growth simulation by integrating multi-source observation into a crop model Yu, D., Zha, Y., Shi, L., Ye, H. & Zhang, Y. European Journal of Agronomy |132|January 2022 Machine

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