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SAR radar workshop

Justification The use of Radar SAR images in agriculture is becoming increasingly common, however, it is necessary to deepen the knowledge of the advantages and limitations

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Web tools - Hweb

Use of the tools available at www.cenicana.org to support decision making in the management of sugarcane cultivation Training in the web tools created by Cenicaña

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Drones update meeting

With the purpose of showing professionals in the sugar cane agroindustry the trends in remotely controlled aircraft (RPAS) or drones and their applications in

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Remote perception

Remote sensing, also known as remote sensing or remote sensing, is the science of acquiring, processing and interpreting images and/or data, captured from aircraft or satellites, which record the

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Map server

The map server integrates the geographic information system (GIS) database of the sugar sector with the databases of commercial production and the network

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