Precision grooving with autoguide system

This video shows the description of precision grooving work with autoguide system.

Soil preparation is a set of tasks that condition the soil for planting. The furrowing job consists of tracing parallel furrows within a lot spaced at the same distance where the seed or vegetative material is sown. The alignment of the tractor with respect to the initial reference line marked in the field during the execution of the work is essential to carry out the work correctly.

The rapid evolution of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS), together with other technologies, has made it possible to have equipment such as the auto-guide system or autopilot to precisely guide tractors in the field. With the self-guiding system, the quality of the furrowing work is improved by guaranteeing the parallelism, number and length of furrows, thus configuring the precision furrowing work.

Cenicana, 2014
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