GNSS RTK signal correction technologies

One of the most precise techniques available in the market to obtain geographic precision positioning is called RTK (Real time kinematic).

This is a real-time satellite signal correction technique that uses radio frequency or internet signal, for the positioning of any GNSS receiver in the field, with an error in horizontal position less than one inch (0.0254 m). RTK correction can be used through a mobile GNSS station, through a network of stations permanently installed next to a control station, called the RTK network, or through a satellite subscription signal.

The Colombian Sugarcane Research Center - Cenicaña is currently coordinating the implementation of an RTK network for the agro-industrial sector of Colombian sugarcane. The RTK network design is made up of 17 sites that will install 7 permanent GNSS stations, and 15 radio frequency stations (five radios and ten radio repeaters), distributed in the Cauca River valley.