Required: Soil and water researcher

General description

Job title: Soil and water researcher
Immediate boss: Agronomy Program Director
Dependence: Agronomy Program
Place of work: Experimental station, via Cali - Florida Km. 26.

Purpose of the charge

Plan, execute and socialize research and activities in the area of ​​water and drainage management in the cultivation of sugar cane. Identify priorities and opportunities to formulate proposals that provide solutions to the current or potential technological requirements of the area, generating recommendations for the efficient and rational use of water resources through research, in such a way that irrigation and drainage processes are competitive, sustainable and profitable in accordance with the policies and purposes of Cenicaña. The candidate must be familiar with the use of new technologies, sensors and the development of tools for monitoring, planning and control of irrigation and drainage in agro-industrial crops. The transfer of results and their adoption constitute one of the important challenges of the position.


  • Professional degree from a national or foreign university of recognized academic level, in Agricultural Engineering, Agronomic Engineering or related careers, with professional registration.
  • Doctorate (PhD) from a foreign or national university of recognized academic level, with an emphasis on irrigation and drainage management.
  • Indispensable to read, write and speak English.
  • Desirable links to professional and / or scientific associations.


Indispensable, 3 years in:

  • Irrigation and drainage management in industrial crops using classical approaches and new technologies for programming, monitoring and control.
  • Soil-water-crop-climate relationship.
  • Assembly and monitoring of experiments under different experimental designs.
  • Application of the scientific method and data analysis through recognized statistical packages SAS, R, etc.
  • Oral and written presentation of research results to the scientific community and farmers.

Desirable, in:

  • Soil physics.
  • Development of devices based on the internet of things and digital agriculture.
  • Fertigation in agro-industrial crops.

Responsibilities and expectations of the position:


  • Lead projects through continuous, fluid and cordial interaction with field and harvest managers of the mills.
  • Formulate research projects based on the needs and opportunities of research programs and the sector.
  • Propose initiatives that benefit the processes and the institution.
  • Budgeting the resource needs to achieve the purposes of the processes.
  • Program the activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the processes.
  • Manage resources and national and international alliances necessary for the execution of the projects and the activities of the processes.
  • Present reports for internal and external use according to requirements.
  • Evaluate the results of the processes by using the established indicators.
  • Implement improvements in the technologies used that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes.
  • Keep abreast of technological advances, regulations and standards in their field of action and transmit this knowledge to clients.


  • Continue with the implementation of Internet-of-Things-based irrigation and drainage planning and monitoring tools.
  • Identify, adapt and support the adoption of irrigation and drainage practices that improve the profitability of the crop without deterioration of the physical, chemical and biological conditions of the soil.
  • Conduct research on the most common irrigation systems in the industry with a view to establishing guidelines for good operating practices and strategies for maximizing irrigation and drainage efficiencies.
  • Evaluate the response of new varieties to water supply through the determination of critical matric potentials and Kc.
  • Update the technological packages for agro-ecological zones according to the results of their research.
  • Lead the updating of tools for irrigation planning based on sensors and principles of water balance.
  • Collaborate in the establishment of water resource conservation strategies.
  • Actively participate in the extension of the results to agribusiness.


Research Center of Sugar Cane of Colombia, Cenicaña.


Experimental Station, via Cali-Florida km 26, San Antonio de los Caballeros, Florida, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

General terms of employment:

The employment contract is indefinite. Cenicaña offers a competitive salary based on the applicant's experience.

Working hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm at the Experimental Station via Cali-Florida km 26, San Antonio de los Caballeros. Florida. Cauca's Valley.

Contact information: 

Candidates must send their resume and letter of motivation and interest to,

Deadline: Friday, August 20, 2021

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