Required: Network and Telecommunications Engineer

General description: 

Job Title: Network and Telecommunications Engineer
Unit: Information Technology Service
Immediate boss: Coordinator of networks and telecommunications
Work site: Experimental station, via Cali - Florida Km. 26.

Work description: 

Execute and supervise the activities related to the assembly, preventive and corrective maintenance of electronic equipment, delivery of reliable results and failure analysis, to keep the infrastructure of the CENICAÑA Telecommunications network functional and operational.

Specific skills:

  • Carry out the assembly of the electronic equipment and sensors of the different stations of the CENICAÑA telecommunications network.
  • Have knowledge in autopilot systems for agricultural machinery, preferably those based on GNSS - RTK technologies
  • Carry out the diagnosis of agricultural machinery with Precision Farming systems: GNSS leveling, furrowing and harvesting with automatic pilot, fertilization at a fixed rate and varied rate, spraying with section cutting control.
  • Guarantee the quality of the information collected from the stations of the telecommunications network and the fidelity of the reports issued on it.
  • Carry out and execute the annual schedule for maintenance, verification, adjustment and calibration of the equipment and sensors of the telecommunications network.
  • Supervise preventive and corrective maintenance, carry out verification and calibration tests and diagnoses to guarantee the optimal operation of the equipment and sensors of the telecommunications network.
  • Ensure that monitoring results and reports are clear, accurate, and objective. Approve sending the results report to the client.
  • Identify failures or anomalies, record them, propose an improvement plan and perform data analysis of them.
  • Measure indicators that account for the performance of the process in terms of efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness.
  • Use the necessary protection elements for the performance of tasks according to occupational safety standards.
  • Willingness to new assigned tasks.

education and experience:

  • Electronic, electromechanical and other related engineer or four (4) years of proven experience in the required skills

Required skills:

  • Knowledge of digital and analog electronics
  • Knowledge of precision agriculture systems
  • Indispensable one (1) year of experience in similar activities.

Desirable skills:

  • Python and Javascript - Knowledge of wireless WAN communication protocols (LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, GSM)
  • English (reading, writing, dialectics).


Research Center of Sugar Cane of Colombia, Cenicaña.


Experimental Station, via Cali-Florida km 26, San Antonio de los Caballeros, Florida, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

General terms of employment:

The employment contract is for one year, renewable depending on performance and goals achieved. Cenicaña offers a competitive salary based on the applicant's experience.

Working hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am - 4:00 pm at the Experimental Station via Cali-Florida km 26, San Antonio de los Caballeros. Florida. Cauca's Valley.

Contact information: 

Candidates must send their resume and letter of motivation and interest to Resumes that do not reach this email will not be taken into account.

Deadline: Friday 24 of March of 2022

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