Required: Maturation Engineer

General description

Job title: Maturation Engineer
Immediate boss: Agronomy Program Director
Dependence: Agronomy program
Place of work: Experimental station, via Cali - Florida Km. 26.

Purpose of the charge

Lead the formulation and execution of research projects and transfer of sugarcane ripening technologies, with the purpose of improving sucrose and biomass production indicators with a focus on environmental and economic sustainability.


  • Propose agronomic management practices that improve the productivity indicators of the industry.
  • Formulate and execute research projects on sugarcane maturation and the integration of crop management practices.
  • Accompany and contribute in the search for solutions to the needs of mills and growers in the agroindustrial sector.
  • Prepare periodic reports and presentations on the status, progress and scope of projects.
  • Carry out technological surveillance on the use of ripening agents or other management practices focused on improving sucrose content.
  • Support the technology transfer processes of the technological offers generated by the research center.


  • Professional degree in agronomic engineering or related fields
  • Master's degree with emphasis in crop or plant physiology or crop production
  • English language proficiency. Speak, read and write.


At least 2 years of experience in formulating and executing research projects in crop or plant physiology or crop production in the field and laboratory. Experience in sugar cane preferred.

Specific competences of the position:


  • Skill in statistical analysis of data with a univariate and multivariate approach using software R, SAS or Python.
  • Knowledge of experimental designs for research under field conditions.
  • Good oral and written comunication.
  • Ability to integrate knowledge of the soil – plant – environment relationship for the formulation of management practices.
  • Knowledge of the regulations for aerial spraying of agrochemicals is desirable.
  • Skill in handling specialized equipment for measuring physiological variables in the field.
  • B1 driving license.


  • Ability to teamwork.
  • Orientation to achieve results.
  • Initiative to solve complex problems and work with rigor and scientific quality.
  • Excellent interpersonal relationships with skills to generate cooperation networks.
  • Creative thinking and the ability to self-criticize.
  • Short and long-term planning ability with a good level of organization. 


Research Center of Sugar Cane of Colombia, Cenicaña.


Experimental Station, via Cali-Florida km 26, San Antonio de los Caballeros, Florida, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

Contact information: 

Candidates must register their resume in the menu #WorkYesThere is in the form selecting: Labor interest type > Call: Maturation Engineer

Deadline: February 16th 2024

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