Required: Plant Breeder

Work description: 

The Colombian Sugar Cane Research Center is looking for a Plant Breeder to join the Varieties Program, Genetic Improvement area, in the project "Development of resilient varieties and genetic improvement of sugarcane populations". This position offers an excellent job opportunity and professional growth for the selected researcher. Said researcher will be part of a multidisciplinary group of plant breeders, entomologists, plant pathologists and molecular biologists, whose objective is the production of sugarcane varieties with high productivity, yield and profitability.


  1. Design and development of trials aimed at evaluating the response of sugarcane populations to abiotic stress conditions (deficit and excess of water, efficient use of N, tolerance to salts and aluminum).
  2. Gathering and collection of field research data, information analysis and genetic analysis aimed at pre-breeding sugarcane populations.
  3. Formation of populations with alleles of interest for the sugar industry such as: sucrose, biomass, fiber, tolerance to diseases and insects of economic importance, abiotic stresses.
  4. Establishment and maintenance of the collections of elite groups of crosses for three selection environments.
  5. Coordinate and program with the group of breeders the floral induction programs and crosses for the development of varieties and the formation of populations.
  6. Agronomic maintenance of the hybridization stations of Cenicaña.
  7. Execution of validation tests in greenhouse and field.
  8. Preparation of periodic progress reports and writing of research projects.
  9. Participation in group meetings.


  1. Agricultural Engineer or Biologist with M.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences or related and area of ​​deepening in sugarcane genetic improvement and use of genetic models oriented to genetic improvement.
  2. Minimum experience of 2 years in design, establishment and monitoring of field trials under abiotic stresses.
  3. Proven experience in the use of genetic models and data analysis of population genetic trials and prebreeding of outstanding parents.
  4. Knowledge of design of experiments and analysis of statistical data. Programming experience for data analysis in SAS and R environment.
  5. It is desirable to have experience working in multidisciplinary teams.
  6. Coordination and communication skills are required (spoken and written)

Personal competences: 

  1. Orientation towards the achievement of results.
  2. Initiative to solve problems and work with high quality standards.
  3. Excellent interpersonal relationships and communication skills to interact with people at all levels.
  4. Creative thinking and self-criticism.
  5. Personality aimed at continuous improvement (personal and professional) and work in a cooperative environment.
  6. Planning capabilities and good organization.

Contact information: 

Candidates must send their resume and letter of motivation and interest to Resumes that do not reach this email will not be taken into account.

Deadline: April 30th 2023

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