ICA staff receives training in Cenicaña

Diagnosis of diseases in the field and laboratory, quarantines and risk assessment for the management of germplasm and varieties were some of the topics during the conference.

Between September 22 and 26, Cenicaña carried out an intensive training program aimed at seven professionals from different dependencies of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) of Bogotá and Palmira, in order to strengthen their knowledge of sugar cane, mainly in the diagnosis diseases in the field and laboratory, the quarantine system and risk assessment for the management of variety germplasm, among other aspects.

Sandra Pardo, risk assessment professional at ICA, highlighted the training offered by researchers from Cenicaña, a seminar that included fundamental topics in the management of the crop in theoretical and practical ways.

“We were trained in the diagnosis of crop diseases, in how strict quarantine is done for imported material and how the material to be exported should be handled; We also learned about specialized diagnostics to prevent the entry of pathogens into the country, and the analyzes with which the sugar sector is supported daily to prevent and control diseases: methodologies that Cenicaña is using to have greater sensitivity in diagnoses and offer it reliability. to the mills and growers ”, he added.

One of the practices consisted of planting young sugarcane plants in a confined environment, which previously went through closed quarantine processes, laboratory diagnoses, cleaning treatments for possible pathogens, cultivation vitro and feedback.

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