Sensors: efficient alternative for irrigation scheduling

Cenicaña Cenicaña, Florida

Learning objectives: At the end of the activities of this training, the participants will be able to: Supply water to the plants at the right time and in the area of ​​greatest root development, in such a way that the crop […]


Varietal options for renovation | Webinar

Virtual training Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

  During this training, we will talk about: Presenting to the participants the main varietal options by environment, their characteristics, productivity and management tips. Go to registration page Facilitators: Fredy Antonio Salazar. Agronomist, Plant Breeder Variety Program, Cenicaña […]

Workshop | Carbon footprint in sugarcane cultivation.

Cenicaña Cenicaña, Florida, Valle del Cauca

During the Event, we will talk about: Measuring the impact to mitigate global warming and its effects from the productive unit. Note: This training is free with limited spaces. To ensure your space, you must register online and receive the […]

Physiology concepts for better crop management. | Webinar

Webinar Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

During the Webinar, we will talk about: Publicizing the most relevant physiological processes involved in the production of sugarcane. Present the factors that influence the definition of the components of sugarcane productivity of […]

GTT-CC | Spittle on sugar cane

This event is aimed at cane growers suppliers of the Riopaila Castilla Sugar Mill (Castilla Plant). During the OnLine event, we will be talking about: Early detection of Spittlebug to avoid damage to sugarcane cultivation. Integrated management of Spittlebug.Socialization of the regulatory framework […]

Ceniprof 3.0 | M1. Analysis of preparation and extraction processes.

Virtual training Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

Description This training presents the most relevant aspects of the management of the Ceniprof 3.0 process simulation software oriented to the analysis of manufacturing processes in the production process of white, refined sugar and ethanol. I know […]