September 16, 2021

Reduced flow: an irrigation alternative | Webinar

Webinar Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

During the Webinar, we will talk about: The generalities of irrigation with reduced flow as an alternative to gravity irrigation, in which low flow rates are applied per furrow. The characteristics, parts that compose it and the materials used in your establishment. ]

Product launch: Cenicristal.

Virtual training Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

Join us to see the operation of this new web tool that allows obtaining results of reliable crystal sizes given its robust calibration and image processing algorithm that eliminates and corrects the factors that negatively affect the measurement, such as: conglomerate crystals, located […]

Sensors: efficient alternative for irrigation scheduling

Cenicaña Cenicaña, Florida

Learning objectives: At the end of the activities of this training, the participants will be able to: Supply water to the plants at the right time and in the area of ​​greatest root development, in such a way that the crop […]


Varietal options. | Webinar

Virtual training Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

    Go to registration page Facilitators: Maria Claudia Pizarro. Agricultural Engineer Technical Cooperation and Technology Transfer Service Liliana Jiménez Lozano. Agricultural Engineer Technical Cooperation and Technology Transfer Service

What are and how do I use the Priority Water Balance version 4.0. | Webinar

Virtual training Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

During the OnLine event, we will be talking about: The Water Balance is a tool promoted by Cenicaña, useful for scheduling irrigation in a timely manner in the cultivation of sugarcane. This tool considers variables such as precipitation, irrigation and Water Sheet […]