Do not lose track of the diseases of your crop and sow healthy seed

In addition to research and technological development, Cenicaña offers three services to contribute to the health of sugarcane crops and promote the use of healthy seed in the fields.

During the last eight years, the phytopathology area of ​​the Cenicaña Variety Program has reported on the increase in the incidence and severity of lesions or pustules of brown rust in varieties such as CC 85-92 and CC 84-75.

The announcement is not new and is understood within the biological and evolutionary dynamics that pathogens have on plants, since since 2007, these varietal options classified as resistant, have been showing modifications in the infection patterns due to changes in the fungus, favored due to various environmental, genetic and management factors.

This case serves to illustrate the importance of not losing track of sugarcane diseases, both in the varieties already positioned in the fields of the Cauca river valley for several years and even more in those varieties that are multiplying and adoption. In addition, Cenicaña develops varieties resistant to the main diseases such as brown rust, orange rust, charcoal and mosaic, but they are not immune to these varieties.

In order to promote good crop health and avoid economic impacts due to diseases, Cenicaña recommends sowing fields with resistant varieties and having seedbeds free of pathogens that are transmitted in the seed (bacteria and viruses).

Likewise, there are three services for growers (sugar mills and suppliers) that will allow them to monitor the health situation of the crop (see Plant Pathology Services).


At you can find more information about the main sugarcane diseases, the requirements for taking samples and the forms for requesting services.

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Year 2 / Number 1 / July 2014

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