Meteoportal: custom climate information

Cenicaña presents a new way to access the climatic information of the Cauca River Valley at different scales of time and space.

Some of the utilities offered by the Cenicaña tool:

  • Monitoring of the climatic variables by meteorological stations or climatic zones.
  • Comparison of the weather variables with their respective anomalies.
  • Data of climatological variables consolidated by different time units: daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual.
  • Bulletins with climate information by homogeneous climatic zones: grouping of stations or geographic strips.
  • Seasonal climate projections updated monthly.
  • Weather charts and maps in different time ranges for all recorded weather variables.

The daily bulletin of all meteorological variables is available to the general public. To access data in other time scales and by climatic zones, an access code is required.
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Information Letter | OCT 2018: 9
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