Memories: International Seminar on Sustainable Soil Management.

August 24 – 26, 2022 | 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Hybrid event (virtual and face-to-face).

main theme

This event is part of the activities of the Association Agreement CVC 246 of 2021 Sugarcane Research Center - CENICAÑA and the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca - CVC; which aims to strengthen the monitoring and follow-up of the management of the soil resource and the application of stillage by-products through the transfer of knowledge and the incorporation of technology, which allow continuing to adopt practices of conservation, management and sustainable use of the resource soil and water in the geographic valley of the Cauca river.

Day 1 – August 24

Event opening actor
Freddy Garces,
General Manager Cenicaña
marco antonio suarez,
Edgar Hincapie,
Director of agronomy program – Cenicaña
Claudia L. Garzon,
Supervisor agreement 246
CVC - Cenicaña
What do we lose when we lose ground?
PDF - Video
Lucy Mora Palomino,
Institute of Geology-UNAM
Policy for Sustainable Soil Management – ​​PGSS
PDF - Video
Andres Pinilla Saavedra
Sectoral and Urban Environmental Affairs Directorate
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Soil management in Valle del Cauca
PDF - Video
Gustavo Romero
Specialized technical professional to support CVC technical management
Planning of agricultural development in Valle del Cauca
PDF - Video
Jose Luis Martinez Tunarroza
Specialized professional – Rural Agricultural Planning Unit
The importance of the soil A perspective on adaptations to climate change
PDF - Video
Lucy Mora Palomino,
Institute of Geology-UNAM
The soils of the geographic valley of the Cauca river and its importance in the environmental and productive ordering
PDF - Video
Napoleon Ordonez D.

Day 2 – August 25

Organic Matter and Microbiome. Challenges and opportunities for the sugar industry in search of crop sustainability
PDF - Video
mary mercedes martinez
BONN University
Vinasse: its interactions in the soil and fertilizing effect on sugarcane
- Video
Raffaella Rossetto
Agronomic Institute of Campinas – IAC
Development of Physical-chemical Soil Quality Indices using Fuzzy Logic
PDF - Video
Denys Yohana Mora-Herrera; Serge Guillaume; Orlando Zuniga 
ILAMA Group – Univalle

Management of stillage in Brazil types of stillage, doses and application methods
- Video
Raffaella Rossetto
Agronomic Institute of Campinas – IAC
Production process, use and commercialization of compost  
PDF - Video
Lina Maria Ortiz Giraldo,
Head of Composting Plant

Risaralda sugar mill 
Influence of the application of compost produced from sugarcane residues (Saccharum officinarum L.) in a Vertisol from Valle del Cauca
- Video
Isabel Cristina Ospina Barrero
Composting Coordinator
Sustainable water management for soil conservation
PDF - Video
Edgar Hincapié Gomez
Agronomy Program – Cenicaña

Day 3 – August 26

Agroecological production in the buffer zone of the PNN Tatama - conservation corridor and Serranía de los Paraguas 
PDF - Video
Juan Carlos Agudelo Rodas
Technologist in Coffee and Crop Diversification
Remediation techniques for soil and water contaminated with hydrocarbons and their derivatives
PDF - Video
John Paul Perez
E2S SAS Group
Management of contaminated sites, perspective from the Environmental Authority
PDF - Video
Diana Milena Rincon Davila
Environmental technical advisor
Implementation of management processes for potentially contaminated sites
PDF - Video
Alberto Uribe Jongbloed
soil remediation consultant
Techniques applicable to soil management
PDF - Video
John Jairo Marquez Molina
Soil management with Precision Agriculture tools 
PDF - Video
Carlos Mosquera placeholder image
River user associations and their contribution to land management
PDF - Video
Maricela Trejos
River user associations

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