Memories: Integra | Soil breakdown under different waste management in sugarcane cultivation

Annual reports

February 21, 2024 | 8:00 am – 11:30 am

In-person event.


  • Share the progress obtained in the area of ​​validation of the Balsora farm on the “soil breakdown under different waste management in the cultivation of sugar cane”

February 21

Microbiological analysis of Hacienda Balsora soils.
Evaluation of the effect of different plowing treatments on cultivable bacterial populations of sugarcane. Counting of phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria. Recognition and populations of nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria in sugarcane cultivation.

Conclusions: Bacterial populations are found in large quantities thanks to the type of soil management and practices on the Balsora farm.
Luis Fernando Chavez, soil scientist -Cenicaña
Soil breakdown under different waste management in sugarcane cultivation.
Generalities about compaction processes, their effect on sugarcane and diagnosis. Assembly of the field test carried out at the Balsora farm, the different treatments and equipment used for soil plowing. Results obtained in the different plots of the mounted trial. Conclusions.
Pedro Francisco Sanguino. Coordinator of the agricultural mechanization area – Cenicaña


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